Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Portuguese

Colavita 100% Portuguese extra virgin olive oil, comes from the finest harvests of Portugal’s Aletejo, Beiras and Algarve regions. This gentle olive oil is excellent for seasoning uncooked dishes, and is also recommended for soups, pastas, marinades and desserts. Sizes and Containers Timeless glass bottle: 750 ml


From a happy marriage between Man and Nature comes Colavita Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from the finest organically grown olives, crushed immediately after they are harvested. The genuine quality of this oil is constantly monitored by the ICEA (Italian Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute), which vouches for the transparency and quality of all…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Australia

100% Australian extra virgin olive oil comes from the finest olive harvests in the regions of Melbourne and South Australia. The pleasant, delicate flavour of this oil makes it perfect for vinaigrettes and dips. Sizes and containers Timeless glass bottle: 750 ml, 500 ml

I doni dell’ulivo

From a fortunate encounter between Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the finest vegetable the soil has to offer come the Colavita specialities preserved in oil: artichokes, olives, aubergines and peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, spicy chilli peppers, bruschettas, pâtés and pesto are the delicacies Colavita has prepared for those who love the deliciously inimitable flavours of…

Wine vinegars and special vinegars

The Colavita range of vinegars also offers Red Wine and Cabernet Vinegar, ideal for grilled meat and fish, White Wine Vinegar, excellent on seasonal salads and for marinating vegetables, fish and game, and Raspberry Wine Vinegar, with a superbly delicate aroma for special sauces and the most sophisticated of palates. Sizes and containers Italica glass…