Family and tradition

For four generations now, the Colavita family has been producing its own oil, in keeping with time-honoured traditions, against the backdrop of a richly generous land called Molise.

From time immemorial, the natural rhythms of growing olives and making oil have set the pace for the lives not only of oil manufacturers large and small, but of entire civilizations, as well as establishing the foundations of a healthy diet. Olives are grown more or less throughout Italy, and Molise is one of the regions able to boast the finest-quality fruit.

Links with the land

Right from its foundation, the Colavita family business has established and maintained close links with local farmers. The company has always had an important social role to play, becoming a driver for the development of the local economy by processing and selling local agricultural produce and thus boosting the wellbeing and wealth of many operators and their families.

The premises

Colavita S.p.A. currently has two facilities in Italy and a further two in America.

The main premises are located in Pomezia, where most of the production takes place and where the business has its registered offices and management. It is the second-largest plant in Italy in terms of production and storage capacity. Built in 1979, it was purchased by Uniliber ten years later, before being bought over by the Colavita family in 1998.

The whole area covers a total of 32,485 m2, 15,000 of which indoors. Of the latter, 2500 m2 is occupied by the finished products warehouse, which can hold 1000 pallets. The facility has a total raw material storage capacity of 8753 tonnes.

The other Italian premises are in Sant’Elia a Pianisi, the village where the company has its origins. With a surface area of 7370 m2, of which 1307 indoors (the warehouse and offices for the most part), this facility is used for the production of flavoured and organic oils, Molise PDO-label oil and a number of special product packages. The initial structure was built in 1970 as a refinery, and was later restructured, in 1992. This facility has a storage capacity of 7000 quintals.

In Edison, New Jersey, Colavita has a facility built in 1986 and subsequently extended in 2003. The whole area covers a total of square feet (42,652 m2), of which 179,680 square feet (16,692 m2) indoors. Colavita USA exclusively imports and distributes Colavita products, as well as other leading Italian quality brands such as San Benedetto, Perugina, Cirio, Scotti and Motta.

Dixon, California is home to a new distribution hub designed to provide as efficient a service as possible also to the west coast of the USA.


The company headquarters, with the registered office and management offices, and where most of the production takes place.


Where Colavita was founded, and where most of the company’s many speciality products are made.

New Jersey

The point of reference for production in the USA, as well as for the distribution of other top Italian brands.


A new distribution hub in Dixon, California, to provide a more efficient service also to the west coast of the USA.