The particular nature of the soil and the climate, the vegetation and the loving care proffered by our farmers: these are the ingredients that make Colavita products a true gourmet delight, the result of a smooth, intense encounter of the local land with its culture and people.

A passion for good food is one of the values Italians traditionally set greatest store by, and food is primarily an expression of love and affection. Colavita products take Italian culinary culture all over the world, allowing consumers to delve into the finest traditional delicacies the bel paese has to offer, with deliciously satisfying specialties that are among life’s most splendid little luxuries.


The outstanding quality of Colavita oils derives from the careful selection of the oils and the processes able to maintain the genuine flavour, aroma and nutritional properties intact.


Colavita vinegars are produced using grapes that gather their strength from the warm Mediterranean sun, and are ready to bring an extra-tasty touch to sauces, marinades and all sorts of dishes.

I doni dell'ulivo

Oil preserves, pesto and pâté, the perfect blend of nature and age-old traditions: all the products are prepared by hand with prime-quality vegetables and Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Sunshine and wellbeing

Olives also conceal a number of beauty secrets: this is why Colavita also makes skincare products, with superb soothing and moisturising properties, which respect the natural pH of even the most sensitive skin.