Colavita guarantees consumers quality produce, thanks to the certifications obtained.

Product of Italy

Since 1998, the origin of Colavita oil has been guaranteed by the wording on the label: “Produced in Italy”.


In June 2012, Colavita S.p.A. underwent an inspection from the HALAL INTERNATIONAL AUTHORITY (HIA), after which the company was awarded HALAL certification (definition of purity in accordance with Islam) for company products and processes.


In November 2008, Colavita S.p.A. underwent an inspection to verify compliance with BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards, obtaining “Grade A” CERTIFICATION.


In November 2007, Colavita obtained HIGHER LEVEL IFS (International Food Standard) CERTIFICATION.


In 1999, the Colavita family (in advance of the pertinent legal obligations) decided to apply for CERMET CERTIFICATION guaranteeing that COLAVITA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL IS OBTAINED EXCLUSIVELY FROM OLIVES HARVESTED AND PRESSED IN ITALY:  Certificate n° 9902.


Processes and products compliant with KOSHER specifications (definition of purity for foodstuffs in accordance with the Jewish religion), established by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

ISO 9001

Quality certification based on ISO 9001 standards.

Quality corporate choices

Colavita’s company policy is to offer constant quality, genuine products, the innovation required to keep pace with change, transparent conduct vis-à-vis consumers and collaboration with carefully selected partners only.

Colavita has always invested a great deal of effort in choosing its suppliers and distributors, both in Italy and abroad, as well is in nurturing personal and working relationships with its partners.