Colavita Cares

Colavita Cares

Colavita Cares is the solidarity programme run by Colavita set up to help those in economic difficulty, supported by the collaboration of sports and wellbeing professionals.

Solidarity is a key value for Colavita.

The company has been committed to social responsibility for 15 years, together with associations and foundations, with the aim of promoting individual and community wellbeing. 

The Colavita Cares programme, extremely important to Colavita, contributes to fundraising action and benefit activities to help children, individuals and families in economic difficulty.

The main aim of our programme is to assist in the organisation of charity work.

The foundations reach their goals by fundraising for children, individuals and families affected by economic hardship, disability or physical/mental suffering, natural disasters, social discrimination and any other kind of hardship.

The company promotes the right to health and healthy eating through many dedicated projects – to this aim, the company has collaborated for many years with fans and professionals in the cycling world, called upon to organise sporting and inclusive events which help people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

The mission of Colavita Cares is to help with solid projects, and to inspire as many people as possible to pursue healthy choices. 

Solidarity and wellbeing: two key Colavita values encapsulated in the Colavita Cares project. 

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