Colavita Center

Colavita Center

The largest culinary school in the world – created and supported by the Colavita family. For over 20 years, the center has contributed to promoting and protecting Italy’s culinary heritage abroad.

The Colavita family has always sustained projects which protect and promote Italy’s cultural and culinary heritage beyond Italy. In May 2001, they founded the “Colavita Center for Italian Food and Wine”, an Italian cooking school located within the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York – one of the oldest and most important culinary institutions of its kind in the world. 

A large culinary school, the Center is able to offer aspiring chefs with ambition and curiosity the opportunity to learn about Italian cooking, study characteristic dishes and to use genuine products which form part of our national tradition.

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is a unique, global organisation – a University of international cuisine founded in 1946 in Hyde Park (New York). It is proud to have trained some of the best international chefs and pastry chefs.

Every year, over 6000 chefs take part in the various courses offered on a permanent basis, and other 1600 students participate in specialist seminars run by periodically by the school. 

Within the Colavita Center, students have access to a large 82 square metre kitchen, a multimedia classroom and a technology laboratory.

The building also houses a market, where visitors can purchase various Italian foodstuffs, a wine cellar with products from the best local winemakers, a library, a staff office, a dining room for students and various areas dedicated to wine tasting and cooking demonstrations.

There is also an Italian restaurant open to the public – “Caterina Dei Medici” – awarded the “Best Dutchess County Restaurant” in 1995 as part of the annual “Best of the Hudson Valley” prize, run by the Hudson Valley magazine.

We are exceptionally proud of the Colavita Center – a prestigious project aimed at training new talents and contributing to the promotion of our country’s cultural and culinary heritage.

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