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Gli Stabilimenti Produttivi Colavita

The journey starts in the company’s historic premises at Sant’Elia a Pianisi over 80 years ago, passing through Dixon and Edison in the United States. Through the years, Colavita has kept and nurtured its twin objectives of quality and protecting the environment. 

The company started life in 1938 in a town in Molise, where Giovanni and Felice Colavita founded the company which still bears the family name.

Today, the historic company premises are still located in Sant’Elia a Pianisi, where it all started.

During these 80 years, Colavita has become well-known and well-loved outside Italy. The decision was made to create other production sites abroad, to expand into the international market and make its mark globally. 

The USA was the country that provided the biggest opportunities for growth and expansion, and Colavita decided to base two sites in the country. It now has two production sites in Italy, in Sant’Elia and Pomezia, and two factories in the USA, in Dixon and Elison. 

Colavita is committed to creating a greener and more sustainable future – all the company’s factories are powered exclusively by sustainable energy sources: the three largest sites have PV panels installed, and the fourth only purchases renewable energy.


Sant'Elia a Pianisi

Despite the growth of Colavita as a strong international brand, the site at Sant’Elia a Pianisi is still today one of the most important sites of the company – the most exclusive products are made here, such as the collections of olive oil and vinegar and all the vegetable preserves. All Colavita products at the historic Molise location are prepared and produced with care and attention.



Pomezia is home to the general headquarters of Colavita and is located in the very centre of Italy – close to the capital and near to the major Italian ports, it’s an ideal site to serve both the national and international markets.

This site products most of the Colavita products which are then distributed to over 70 countries across the world.

The Pomezia site also has a laboratory equipped to carry out all the necessary product checks and to assure clients that our high standards are being met – a key company objective.


Edison, NJ

Edison, in New Jersey, also houses Colavita headquarters.  This strategic location – a key distribution hub for the American market – has reduced its environmental impact for many years thanks to the installation of 3,000 PV panels. 


Dixon, CA

Another production and distribution site is located in Dixon, in North California. Another strategic location, close to the olive production regions of Central Valley, the Bay Area, and the port of Oakland. Opened in 2018, the site is located over 7,000 square metres and is equipped with a solar panel system like the site in Dixon. All Colavita production sites share a common goal: to guarantee maximum quality, and to reduce their impact on the environment for a greener and more sustainable future.

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