Pancakes with spring onion-infused oil, yoghurt and aromatic herbs

Pancakes all'olio con cipollotti, yogurt ed erbe aromatiche

Ready for brunch?
Enjoy this savoury pancake recipe with spring onion-infused oil, yoghurt and aromatic herbs – a light but delicious treat.
Add our Colavita Premium Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a touch of class. Happy cooking!


100g flour
¼ spoon of fine salt

1 spoon of yeast for desserts
200ml water
1 egg
2 spoons of Colavita Extra Virgin olive oil
2-3 fresh spring onions
80g yoghurt
A handful of mint and coriander

Add the flour, yeast and salt to the water, egg and a spoon of olive oil, and mix well (you can use an electric mixer) until the mixture is smooth.

Wash and chop the spring onions including the green part, and add to the mixture.

Heat a dash of oil in a non-stick pan. Place a ladle of the mixture and leave to cook for a few minutes. When bubbles start to form on the pancake, turn it over to cook the other side.

Make one or two pancakes at a time, the size you prefer, until the mixture is finished.

For the sauce, mix the yoghurt with the washed and chopped herbs.

Add salt and pepper to taste.




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